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Home Theater Builder Magazine

Home Theater Builder Magazine

Home Theater Builder Magazine

Being able to answer the "Why do the remodeling?" Question. When you meet a designer kitchen, s / want to know why you're remodeling. Need more space? Just want a new look? Or, maybe there needs special consideration as a person with arthritis or a home with young children.

Keep expectations realistic. If you mid-November, not only will allow time to remodel the kitchen before Christmas. You must have a realistic expectation of how long the project will the first time you meet with a designer for placement of orders for the actual work done.

Determine a budget. It is imperative that you figure out what you want to go and share that magic number with your designer. A good designer will not design a new kitchen for you that will cost $ 80K if s / know your budget is $ 30K.

Show and tell. They found examples of kitchens, as in magazines and take them with when you meet with a designer. Pay attention to detail in the image that attract you, and take note of what you like about the image.

Needs vs. wants. If you want more space, additional storage space or a garbage and recycling cabinet, make separate lists of what they really need and what you want. Your designer will work with you (and within your budget) to ensure that their needs are met, but s / he will also strive to incorporate these luxuries they were really like.

Taking inventory. Go through your kitchen cabinets and clean all the old things which is not longer needed or never used.   Then make a new inventory list of equipment, dishes and other items you need more space in your new kitchen. If you shop in bulk, be sure to include these items in your inventory list.

The Comfort is key. It is important that a homeowner is comfortable with both the designer and contractor. Find someone with experience and always check their references. Be sure to choose a reliable, reputable, the contractor is properly licensed and insurance that you know will deliver quality work


"Following these tips will get you well on your way to getting the kitchen you really want. A good designer will help you execute your vision to work within your budget, "said Mary Donaruma, kitchen designer at the Masters Touch.

With an experience of over 20 years in the kitchen and cabinet design, Ms. Donaruma has met the owners, contractors, builders and others in the kitchen design for homes, condominiums, multi-units and subdivisions. She has designed kitchens for Baybrook Farms, Forest Park and Austin Farms in Mansfield and Attleboro, and many others over the years.

The Masters Touch
With a team of over 50, including architects, interior designers and project managers working together, Master Touch can handle all of the construction of a customer's home or improvement projects and provide expert guidance to DIY people.

Masters Touch was founded by Doug Masters in 1997. From high-end design and build projects, kitchen and bathroom renovation, exterior painting, roofing and cladding projects floors, interior painting and decorating projects, Masters Touch caters to homeowners throughout the Metrowest area.

Masters Touch is a distributor Showcase Priority Hunter Douglas and offers professional design and installation service. The one-stop interior design shop and a home improvement also offers Marvin and Harvey windows, six lines of custom and semi-tailored wardrobes over 150 types of granite and Corian countertops, paint, carpet, wood tiled floor, design and installation of home theater and more.

The company offers written guarantees all their work. Masters Touch is on Route 109 in Medfield, MA. For more information contact 508-359-5900, e-info@masterstouchweb.com mail or visit www.masterstouchweb.com.

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